Chris McDaniel: plagiarizing rubbish

If there's a man who epitomizes so much that's wrong with the GOP, its Chris McDaniel, US Senator from Mississippi. (This was detected and tweeted by Andrew Kaczynski) Just like our worst students, McDaniel went looking for something to plagiarize, and found and used crap. One of the most entertaining things on twitter in the last month has been Kevin M Kruse, Professor of History at Princeton, schooling Dinesh D'Souza about the history of the Civil War. You can see Robert E Lee's house across the river from the steps of the US Capitol. You can get to Arlington National Cemetery on the Metro in 20 minutes, and then drag your overstuffed redneck GOP ass up the hill to the house. Behind the house are the slave quarters. Lee didn't 'oppose' slavery; he owned (and mistreated) slaves.

Campus Reform: playing footsie with White Supremacy

The quaintly named Campus Reform is yet another creature of a superannuated southern conservative, 78 year old Morton Blackwell. It bills itself as America's leading site for college news. God help us all if that's true. A recent example of what it calls its rigorous journalism standards and accuracy, objectivity, and public accountability. Item: Study finds conservatives 'right to be skeptical of scientists’ The first two paragraphs. A new study by University of Oxford researchers suggests conservatives are right to be skeptical of scientific establishments, given the history of “scholar activism” in fields like sociology and political science.
Led by Nathan Confas, the study “Does Activism in the Social Sciences Explain Conservatives’ Distrust of Scientists?” can be found in the recent issue of the American Sociologist, a special edition dedicated to ideological diversity and conservative issues. First of all kids, a pro-tip. When you're touting a new '…

Introducing Chucky Groene


Do you have a right to share your own genetic information?

For a libertarian, this seems like a no-brainer. But it isn't, so read on. There have been several recent cases where genenalogical and DNA information, uploaded by its owners to, a public database, has been downloaded by law-enforcement and used to solve murders and rapes. So far it's all good. Of course, we could solve far more murders and rapes by simply forcing everyone to provide a sample of their DNA to the police. As a society, we've chosen not to do that (rightfully, I believe) reasoning the vast invasion of privacy outweighs the social good. And police in the US can't go on a fishing expedition for DNA. To force you to provide it, they have to have probable cause to believe you committed that specific crime, and they can't use your refusal to provide DNA voluntarily as evidence. Fourth Amendment. Large databases have changed all that. If I compare a DNA sample with such a database, for any given DNA sample, I can almost certainly identify …

Deport the illegals...except for Mom and Grandpa.

Another #resistancegenealogy story. Jacob Siegfried, his wife Eva, and his family of one boy (also named Jacob) and several girls, emigrated to the US through Texas, from Saratov, on the Volga River, in 1908. Though they came from Russia, they spoke German. They settled in a place called Logan Township, just outside Enid, Oklahoma, to farm. Then, during WWI, they were driven out. Germans were not welcome here in the later stages of the war. So they made the long trek up to Saskatchewan, where there was a community of Volga Germans. They crossed the border legally in August 1918; we have the Canadian entry documents. Since there was wartime internment of German immigrants in Canada, it's a little unclear why the vicinity of Saskatoon was a safe haven for them. Possibly it was just remote from the nonsense happening in Ontario. Or possibly the Russian nationality on their documents bamboozled the Canadians. Another family, the Ebels, came via the same route. They settled briefly i…

...but but it's different when we do it!

This is rich. Far-too-famous historian, columnist and professional douchebag Niall Ferguson conspired with conservative Stanford students, including College Republicans and a Turning Point USA organizer, to 'grind down' students they disliked on the 'Cardinal Conversations' steering committee, and even suggested to one of his student research assistants that he do 'opposition research' on one of the offending students. Because liberal faculty make conservative students feel unwelcome on campus. Oh, wait... Ferguson became infamous for suggesting John Maynard Keynes was not concerned about the long-term effects of his policies, because he was gay and therefore would have no offspring.

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