Day 12: who'll stop the rain? Dec. 29 2017

Yesterday it rained all day, again. It rained hard, much of the time. The Grande Rivière actually overflowed its banks. Local roads were 'ponded', so we couldn't drive anywhere. We did a couple of walks outside in the short grey intermissions between downpours. The locals all say this isn't right.

Oddly, though, I have photos. This I think is adorbsballs; five white-winged swallows down by the swollen river.

And I finally got a picture of a yellow oriole

And despite the close confinement, a new bird: a grey-breasted martin.

I also saw a southern lapwing down by the river, and surprised this common black hawk tucking into some land crab just out the side of our cabin.

Marjie says she just wants to go home. And, today, at least, if the roads are open, we'll be doing the 100 km drive (20 km as the crow flies) trip up to the ASA Wright Nature Center today. There there will likely also be rain, but perhaps more to do. And perhaps not so much rain. The rain is really getting our goat (BTW, what's that rope attached to?)

Me, I don't mind the rain, but I'm sorry the weather was too miserable to go up to the rainforest to look for guans.But here's a very soggy, very fed-up looking mongoose.


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