Trump and the Seven Deadly Sins

The Nebraska political blog Leavenworth Street was once worth reading. It often published insider information that scooped the two major state newspapers, which was especially remarkable considering the blog owner, Street Sweeper/Jerry Kratochvil lives in Kansas. It was also often pungently funny. Heck, I even guest-posted once.

But, as with everything else Republican/Conservative in the age of Trump, it's now pretty much a dumpster fire. Sweeper's replacement, Locke, is a joke; humorless, sanctimonious, hypocritical, and apparently with very little actual content to share.

It reached rock-bottom today, though, with a sermon on civility. Trumpkins notoriously lack any introspection or self-awareness, but seriously, do they actually think they have standing to lecture anyone about civility?

Which led me to ponder: what, actually, can Trumpkins still preach to us about, without conjuring up outright derision? Which of the seven deadly sins, for example, do they have standing to criticize in political opponents?

Having had a fairly comprehensive Catholic education before I went full-court atheist, I can still list them.

  1. Lust : Let's ask Stormy Daniels, shall we?
  2. Gluttony Cheeseburgers, followed by two scoops of ice-cream, anyone? (And does anyone actually believe he's only 239 pounds?)
  3. Greed Pretty much the story of his public life.
  4. Sloth Work day starts at 11, ends by 5, unless he's playing golf that day.
  5. Anger "President Donald Trump reportedly grew enraged at a June meeting over the amount of visas awarded to travelers from certain countries, grumbling that 15,000 Haitians who entered the United States in the preceding months "all have AIDS" and that the 40,000 Nigerian visitors would never "go back to their huts" in Africa."
  6. Envy
  7. Pride He's a very stable genius. LOL!
By the way, Trumpkins, there are a slew of other vices the Church Fathers didn't manage to get to. Corruption, vulgarity, rudeness, mendacity, and worst of all, a burning urge to slather everything one owns in gold plate. All off limits.

Hope this doesn't cramp your style too much.


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