Mach Zero

Coby Mach, Lincoln's Sean Hannity wannabe, apparently found about UNL Nazi Dan Kleve the same way most of you did, by reading the Journal Star. And he has a sanctimonious little Facebook post up about it.

Except, except...Mach has actively supported the campaign by Erdman, Halloran and Brewer against the UNL English department in general, and Gailey and Lawton in particular. That campaign, and particularly Erdman, has been a vehicle for threats of violence against Gailey and Lawton. In particular, Erdman's Facebook page has for months carried a comment suggesting...

Someone visit these two on a dark night...
It was still there this morning, more than 4 months after it was posted. Erdman has been told about it. He hasn't removed it, even though any Facebook account owner can remove any comment from their page.

I posted a comment on Mach's Facebook page last night, pointing this out, in the context that even the establishment GOP has become quite tolerant of violent threats. He removed it.

The Trumpkin Right would like you to believe there's daylight between them and the alt-right/white supremacist/Nazi fringe. Not so much. Their threats of violence, and their tolerance of hateful expression, is precisely what emboldens maggots like Kleve to come out of the woodwork. I'll have a lot more to say about Kleve later today. Meanwhile, if you're on campus, come to the rally. The students deserve your support.


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